StarWordle Game

Star Wordle is a spin-off of Wordle designed specifically for Star Wars fans. The rules in Star Wordle are the same as in the regular one. Your task is to find the correct word, but this word must be related to the Star Wars theme. Everything is possible in Star Wordle, even the use of numbers is allowed! You have six attempts to find something like droid or grogu.

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How to play StarWordle?


Start typing any word related to Star Wars. Use the on-screen keyboard at the bottom of the grid. Here are some ideas to get you started: saber and grogu are words given as examples in the game's instructions.


Press the Enter button to submit your Star Wars answer.


Use color hints to advance in the game. Green tiles mean you are using the correct letter and putting it in the right place. If you see a yellow tile - try putting the same letter in a different place. Gray tiles mean that you should not use these letters.


The Backspace button will help you if you write some letters by mistake.


You have six attempts to guess the Daily Star Word!

Did you like StarWordle Game?

All the words in this space game are related to the Star Wars franchise and fan culture. If your vocabulary is familiar with words such as darth, vader, saber, grogu, then this puzzle is just for you! Star Wordle was created by Aurebesh Files specifically for fans of the franchise. You will have to dive into your memory banks to find the right word among endless movies, series, books and comics. Star Wordle even has a Remove Millennium Falcon button, and numbers are allowed in this game, so Star Wars fans will definitely enjoy the game! Play Star Wordle and remember… the Force will be with you, always.